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Rebel Louise

My name is Mikell. My business name is Rebel Louise Photography...this name is created from my middle name, Louise, which I love for it’s sassy yet classic vibe, and the word Rebel comes from my deep seated need to rebel against conformity and rules when it comes to creativity. Now, that being said, I am such an excellent rule follower in the legal sense of the word, but there is something inside me that really gets worked up when being told how it should be when it comes to art, and photography especially! My thinking is “What if we don’t do this the conventional way? What if we just go with how we are feeling and how the wind is blowing and how life is unfolding? What if our hair isn’t perfect and our bodies aren’t perfect and, well, what if we just throw “perfect” out the window entirely? What if your photos look different from the norm? What if you have some amazing images that are unique and creative and beautiful and badass? All of this is what I live for. It’s what you get with me. I really, really love what I do and consider myself honored to work with the best people around. Wanna be a rebel together?


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